Optimum cost control.


The prepaid Visa card for everyone.

Whether for a shopping spree or travelling – a credit card is simply practical. The credit card without SCHUFA verification offers all the benefits of traditional credit cards coupled with optimum cost control: only spend as much as you put on the card. This credit card top-up system allows you to manage spending and always be on the safe side. Thus, you retain total control over your expenses.

The prepaid Visa card is loaded via transfer from your Prepaid Trio current account. While travelling, you can also load funds simply via eBanking. With the Visa prepaid credit card you can make cashless payments conveniently at 24 million locations worldwide – with your signature or PIN. You can access cash at over 900,000 ATMs at any time.

Secure payments

The Visa card provides a high level of security, particularly for online shopping.

Ready for use worldwide

Accepted at 24 million locations; 900,000 ATMs to withdraw funds.

Real-time top-up

The transferred top-up amount is available immediately.

No SCHUFA inquiry

Prepaid Trio is available to everyone – even those with a negative credit rating.


Get the Prepaid Trio in 3 steps.


Fill out the application

Simply fill out the application form online and send it off.


Transfer the set-up fee

After we receive the fee, we will send you a verification link through our partner, Deutsche Post.


Receive Prepaid Trio

We will open your account and send a girocard/Maestro card and prepaid Visa card to you by post.


The daily drawing limit on your girocard/Maestro card is EUR 500.00. This covers cash withdrawals and payments in retail outlets.

The daily drawing limit on your prepaid Visa card is EUR 500.00 for cash withdrawals. Payments with the card may be effected within the scope of the available credit balance on the card.

To load your prepaid Visa card, please carry out a transfer from your current account. In the menu item “Payments” > “Money transfers”, select the sub-item “Load prepaid credit card”. Add the amount that you want to load your Visa card with and confirm the entry with a TAN.

The money will be at your disposal on your Visa card immediately after the transfer. Alternatively, you can have the Visa card loaded by means of a money transfer onto your Visa card account from an external bank account. Please note that in this case, the amount will be available to you on your Visa card not immediately, but on the next working day at the latest.

The prepaid Visa card that we issue can be used at all Visa acceptance points around the world. The only exceptions are manual card-reader units, as the cards do not have any embossing. If you want to use your Visa card to pay at a car hire firm, you should always make sure that you have an adequate credit balance on your card so that you can pay the security deposit and any insurance that might be required. Please note also that some car hire firms reserve an additional amount for any accidents that might occur that must also be present on your card.

Please appreciate that acceptance of the card is at the merchant’s discretion.

Transferring the credit balance on your Visa card to your current account is possible only in exceptional cases. If you desire such a transfer, please send us an application indicating the place and date and bearing your signature by fax or as an email attachment (as PDF, TIFF or JPEG).

An entry that has already been authorised can be reversed under the following circumstances:

  • Transaction not authorised/acknowledged by me
  • Wrong amount or wrong currency
  • Double accounting of a transaction
  • Goods or service not received
  • Goods returned or service order cancelled

To reverse the transaction(s) that you had not arranged for, you will require an appropriate form. To obtain one, please contact our Service Team.

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With the Prepaid Trio current account on a prepaid credit basis, you can conduct your banking business simply and securely – at home and around the world. In doing so, your account is always in the black.



The girocard is the key to the Prepaid Trio current account and the perfect companion for everyday use. You can withdraw cash at any time and make cashless payments in almost any shop.