The account that’s always in the black.


The current account on a prepaid credit basis without a SCHUFA check.

The Prepaid Trio account helps you effectively manage all spending. Your orders will be processed only if your account holds sufficient funds. The credit account offers all the most important banking functions of a current account: creating standing orders, paying by direct debit, carrying out transfers. Using eBanking from Wirecard Bank, you can conduct your banking business easily, securely and transparently.

Conveniently top up your prepaid credit card in real time, for example, and generate new eTANs at the push of a button.

Prepaid Trio is the ideal solution if you would like to open an online account despite a negative credit rating. In addition, the current account can also be managed as an account exempt from garnishment.

Current account without a SCHUFA check

Prepaid Trio is available to everyone, even those with a negative credit rating.

eTANs at the push of a button

Securely create eTANs at home with a Sm@rtTAN PLUS generator.

Visa card top-up in real-time

The top-up amount is available to you immediately for payments.


Get the Prepaid Trio in 3 steps.


Fill out the application

Simply fill out the application form online and send it off.


Transfer the set-up fee

After we receive the fee, we will send you a verification link through our partner, Deutsche Post.


Receive Prepaid Trio

We will open your account and send a girocard/Maestro card and prepaid Visa card to you by post.


Please click on one of the “Order Now” buttons at and enter your personal details. You will receive an email with further information.

Before we can open your account, you must verify your identity via the Deutsche Post POSTIDENT procedure. Please click on the link for online verification, which you have received from us via email, and decide which POSTIDENT procedure you would like to use. You can verify your identity either online or at a Deutsche Post branch.

The monthly account management charges contain the charge of EUR 9.90 for the account management, the charges for the individual items (EUR 0.75 per procedure) and the monthly card management charge of EUR 2.50. The charges for the individual items cover all voucherless, i.e. electronically processed entries. These include, inter alia, credit entries, debit entries, money transfers and the execution of a standing order. There can also be additional charges for other services. You can find the current schedule of prices and services for the Prepaid Trio at any time on in the “Customer service” area under “Form Centre”.

The daily transfer limit in eBanking is EUR 5,000.00. This can be adjusted for individual transactions. For more details, please contact our Service Team in writing or by telephone.

You can create an account statement for your Prepaid Trio in your eBanking system. After logging in, please go to the menu item “Finances & Transactions” > “Transactions and account statements” and click on the option “Account statements” followed by the button “Create new account statement”. The PDF file will be put at your disposal and you can save it on your PC.

Please retrieve your account statements up until the 15th of any given month, otherwise we shall be obliged to send you the account statements by post. If the 15th of any given month is on a weekend or a public holiday, the statements must be receipted on the last working day before the 15th.

To load your prepaid Visa card, please carry out a transfer from your current account. In the menu item “Payments” > “Money transfers”, select the sub-item “Load prepaid credit card”. Add the amount that you want to load your Visa card with and confirm the entry with a TAN.

The money will be at your disposal on your Visa card immediately after the transfer. Alternatively, you can have the Visa card loaded by means of a money transfer onto your Visa card account from an external bank account. Please note that in this case, the amount will be available to you on your Visa card not immediately, but on the next working day at the latest.

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The girocard is the key to the Prepaid Trio current account and the perfect companion for everyday use. You can withdraw cash at any time and make cashless payments in almost any shop.



Whether travelling or shopping online at home – with the practical prepaid credit card in the Prepaid Trio bundle, you pay securely and conveniently with total cost control.