Pay conveniently without cash.


The girocard/Maestro card for everyday use.

With the Prepaid Trio Girocard/Maestro card, you are optimally prepared for making everyday payments. In Germany, you can use your Girocard to withdraw cash and make cashless payments at any time, be it while shopping, in the petrol station or at the ticket machine. Your personal identification number (PIN) makes this card a secure payment method. The Maestro card is also a practical companion abroad:

convenient card payments are possible in any place that displays the Maestro sign, which includes many restaurants and shops. There are no fees for payments within the eurozone. Even without cash, our Prepaid Trio Girocard/Maestro card means you can always have access to funds, which you can spend as you wish.

Convenient payment

Always solvent even without cash – at home as well as abroad.

Cash always within reach

Withdraw cash at 1.2 million ATMs worldwide

Secure payment transactions

Secure payment using girocard and PIN

No SCHUFA check

Prepaid Trio is available to everyone – even those with a negative credit rating.


Get the Prepaid Trio in 3 steps.


Fill out the application

Simply fill out the application form online and send it off.


Transfer the set-up fee

After we receive the fee, we will send you a verification link through our partner, Deutsche Post.


Receive Prepaid Trio

We will open your account and send a girocard/Maestro card and prepaid Visa card to you by post.


The daily drawing limit on your girocard/Maestro card is EUR 500.00. This covers cash withdrawals and payments in retail outlets. The daily drawing limit on your prepaid Visa card is EUR 500.00 for cash withdrawals. Payments with the card may be effected within the scope of the available credit balance on the card.

To have your prepaid Visa card, your girocard/Maestro card or your Wirecard Bank eBanking functions blocked, please get in touch directly with the free central blocking service on 00800 94732270 and select the appropriate menu item. In your eBanking function, too, you have the possibility of having your girocard/Maestro card or your eBanking function blocked directly in the menu item “Service & Administration” > “Block”.

The monthly account management charges contain the charge of EUR 9.90 for the account management, the charges for the individual items (EUR 0.75 per procedure) and the monthly card management charge of EUR 2.50. The charges for the individual items cover all voucherless, i.e. electronically processed entries. These include, inter alia, credit entries, debit entries, money transfers and the execution of a standing order. There can also be additional charges for other services. You can find the current schedule of prices and services for the Prepaid Trio at any time on in the “Customer service” area under “Form Centre”.

You can create an account statement for your Prepaid Trio in your eBanking system. After logging in, please go to the menu item “Finances & Transactions” > “Transactions and account statements” and click on the option “Account statements” followed by the button “Create new account statement”. The PDF file will be put at your disposal and you can save it on your PC.

Please retrieve your account statements up until the 15th of any given month, otherwise we shall be obliged to send you the account statements by post. If the 15th of any given month is on a weekend or a public holiday, the statements must be receipted on the last working day before the 15th.

New regulations on the topic of protection against account garnishments came into effect as of 1 January 2012. Effective protection against account garnishments is guaranteed only with a garnishment protection account (“P account”): in the event of an ongoing garnishment, social security benefits and child benefit can no longer be withdrawn within two weeks of their receipt or transferred to an alternative account.

Every account holder is entitled to have his existing current account converted into a P account on request. They may operate only one account as a P account, however. If the account is garnished, you receive automatic garnishment protection up to your basic exemption amount, provided that your account has a credit balance sufficient for the purpose.

You can download the form for converting your current account into a P account easily at in the “Customer service” area under “Form Centre”. Please fill out the application, sign it (page 1) and send it by post to the following address:

Wirecard Bank AG
Service Team
P.O. Box 310544
04163 Leipzig

The basic exemption amount can be increased if, for example, you are entitled to child benefits or maintenance payments. If this applies to you, please have these details verified by the responsible public authority and send them together with page 1 of the application to the address specified above.

More information on this subject can be found on page 3 of the application.

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With the Prepaid Trio current account on a prepaid credit basis, you can conduct your banking business simply and securely – at home and around the world. In doing so, your account is always in the black.



Whether travelling or shopping online at home – with the practical prepaid credit card in the Prepaid Trio bundle, you pay securely and conveniently with total cost control.