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Please click on one of the “Order Now” buttons at and enter your personal details. You will receive an email with further information.

Before we can open your account, you must verify your identity via the Deutsche Post POSTIDENT procedure. Please click on the link for online verification, which you have received from us via email, and decide which POSTIDENT procedure you would like to use. You can verify your identity either online or at a Deutsche Post branch.

New regulations on the topic of protection against account garnishments came into effect as of 1 January 2012. Effective protection against account garnishments is guaranteed only with a garnishment protection account (“P account”): in the event of an ongoing garnishment, social security benefits and child benefit can no longer be withdrawn within two weeks of their receipt or transferred to an alternative account.

Every account holder is entitled to have his existing current account converted into a P account on request. They may operate only one account as a P account, however.

If the account is garnished, you receive automatic garnishment protection up to your basic exemption amount, provided that your account has a credit balance sufficient for the purpose.

You can download the form for converting your current account into a P account easily at in the “Customer service” area under “Form Centre”. Please fill out the application, sign it (page 1) and send it by post to the following address:

Wirecard Bank AG
Postfach 31 05 44
04163 Leipzig

The basic exemption amount can be increased if, for example, you are entitled to child benefits or maintenance payments. If this applies to you, please have these details verified by the responsible public authority and send them together with page 1 of the application to the address specified above.

More information on this subject can be found on page 3 of the application.

You can send us your new address, telephone and fax number and/or email address from your mailbox or via the eBanking option “Service & Administration” > “Customer details and authorisations” > “Change personal details”.

Alternatively, you can have your contact details changed over the telephone. We are available to do this for you from Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. and on Saturday between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. Please have your current ID document ready to prove your identity. If you have a new ID document, please send us a copy of the document as an email attachment, from your mailbox as an attachment, or by fax.

You have the possibility of creating an “alias” (user name) for your account. In future, you can enter this alias when logging on using your personal PIN rather than the VR identification. You can inspect or change your alias at any time in your eBanking system under “Service & Administration” > “Online banking access” > “VR identification (Alias/User name)”.

Maybe we can also help you with the following tips:

  • Have you tried to change the batteries?
  • Is the eTAN generator displaying the error 09?

The error 09 occurs with the eTAN generators when you have issued a PIN for the eTAN generator and/or the card and you then enter it falsely and/or block it.

If you still know your PIN, you can deactivate it as follows:

  1. Tap the Menu key twice.
  2. Now tap the “6” key for five seconds and the “8” key once.
  3. Tap the green key “ok” once.
  4. Enter your selected PIN and confirm the entry with the green key “ok”.

If the message “PIN protection annulled” appears, the PIN query was successfully deactivated for the eTAN generator. If your eTAN generator is still not functioning, our Service Team will be glad to give you further assistance. You can purchase a Kobil Sm@rt-TAN plus generator conveniently and cheaply from specialist retailers.

Please sign crossed cheques and send them to the following address, indicating the place, date and your account number:

Wirecard Bank AG
Einsteinring 35
85609 Aschheim

Cheques are submitted via the German Bundesbank and the process can take between two and four weeks depending on the respective banks’ processing periods. We charge a handling fee of EUR 25.00 for this service.

Please note also that our business policy does not provide for the submission of foreign cheques, and that only crossed cheques issued in your name can be cashed in your current account.

The Prepaid Trio is an account based on a credit balance. We regret that we are therefore unable to accede to your request for an overdraft facility.

Your Prepaid Trio can be cancelled at any time. Please send an informal cancellation, indicating the place and date and bearing your signature, by fax or post to the following address:

Wirecard Bank AG
Postfach 31 05 44
04163 Leipzig

Needless to say, you can also send your cancellation as an email attachment to Please indicate your new banking connection in the correspondence so that we can transfer any remaining credit balance.


If you have previously used e-banking with another bank, you can apply for our account switching service with the details of your old account after opening your Prepaid Trio account via our website. All of your previous payment partners will be clearly listed. You can then check them and make changes if necessary. It is also possible to add or ignore payment partners as required. This means you can decide who should be informed about your account change. Lastly, we send the information about your new bank account directly to the selected payment partners. The account switch typically takes two bank working days. If you have not yet used e-banking, you can easily select your payment partners using the suggestions provided.

You can use the account switching service if you are a Prepaid Trio customer. Click on ‘Order now’ and follow the steps to open your account. Once you have opened your account, you can click on ‘Switch accounts now’ at any time to apply for our free account switching service via our website.

We need the following data to provide you with the best possible service: your address as the return address for writing to your payment partners, your bank code and e-banking login details for automatic determination of payment partners and standing orders. Your data is only processed once; it is transmitted in encrypted form and is deleted immediately after the account switching process is complete. Your data is not shared with third parties or used for any other purposes at any time. For your security, we will never ask you for a TAN from your previous bank.

Depending on the bank in question, records from the previous 90 days or, ideally, from the previous 24 months are provided. We will offer some suggestions for missing payment partners – to ensure that your car insurance, for example, which may have been paid at the start of the year, is included.

Once the process is complete, we will provide a checklist of items. Using this, please check whether all of your payment partners have taken note of your new account details for the next debit transaction. Once we have recreated your standing orders, we will confirm this by email so you can also verify this. To prevent duplicate transactions, you should cancel the standing orders from your previous bank.

You have complete control at all times and can edit addresses of your own accord. It is also possible to add or ignore payment partners.

As you are the account holder and contracting partner of the payment partners, you are specified as the sender on all correspondence. It also makes potential subsequent correspondence between you and the relevant payment partner easier.


The monthly account management charges contain the charge of EUR 9.90 for the account management, the charges for the individual items (EUR 0.75 per procedure) and the monthly card management charge of EUR 2.50. The charges for the individual items cover all voucherless, i.e. electronically processed entries. These include, inter alia, credit entries, debit entries, money transfers and the execution of a standing order. There can also be additional charges for other services. You can find the current schedule of prices and services for the Prepaid Trio at any time on in the “Customer service” area under “Form Centre”.

The daily transfer limit in eBanking is EUR 5,000.00. This can be adjusted for individual transactions. For more details, please contact our Service Team in writing or by telephone.

We will be glad to carry out a direct debit reversal for you. Just send us a message from the mailbox in your eBanking function and give the exact details of the direct debit entry that you would like to have reversed. As soon as we receive those details, we will process the request and you will see the return entry in your account transactions.

You can create an account statement for your Prepaid Trio in your eBanking system. After logging in, please go to the menu item “Finances & Transactions” > “Transactions and account statements” and click on the option “Account statements” followed by the button “Create new account statement”. The PDF file will be put at your disposal and you can save it on your PC.

Please retrieve your account statements up until the 15th of any given month, otherwise we shall be obliged to send you the account statements by post. If the 15th of any given month is on a weekend or a public holiday, the statements must be receipted on the last working day before the 15th.

You can order replacement account statements via the mailbox, by email or over the telephone after you have proven your identity. To do so, please confirm the following: the desired period, the delivery method (email or post) and your current email address/postal address. A fee of EUR 7.50 shall be charged for this service.

As soon as your eBanking PIN or TAN usage is blocked, our Service Team is informed about the blocking immediately. Your access or usage is reset and you will then receive a message containing further details at the email address that you specified.

Alternatively, you can contact us by telephone regarding this matter. We are available to take your calls from Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. and on Saturday between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. Please have your current ID document ready so that it can be compared with the details stored in our system.


The daily drawing limit on your girocard/Maestro card is EUR 500.00. This covers cash withdrawals and payments in retail outlets.

To have your prepaid Visa card, your girocard/Maestro card or your Wirecard Bank eBanking functions blocked, please get in touch directly with the free central blocking service on 00800 94732270 and select the appropriate menu item.

In your eBanking function, too, you have the possibility of having your girocard/Maestro card or your eBanking function blocked directly in the menu item “Service & Administration” > “Block”.


The daily drawing limit on your prepaid Visa card is EUR 500.00 for cash withdrawals. Payments with the card may be effected within the scope of the available credit balance on the card.

To load your prepaid Visa card, please carry out a transfer from your current account. In the menu item “Payments” > “Money transfers”, select the sub-item “Load prepaid credit card”. Add the amount that you want to load your Visa card with and confirm the entry with a TAN.

The money will be at your disposal on your Visa card immediately after the transfer. Alternatively, you can have the Visa card loaded by means of a money transfer onto your Visa card account from an external bank account. Please note that in this case, the amount will be available to you on your Visa card not immediately, but on the next working day at the latest.

The prepaid Visa card that we issue can be used at all Visa acceptance points around the world. The only exceptions are manual card-reader units, as the cards do not have any embossing. If you want to use your Visa card to pay at a car hire firm, you should always make sure that you have an adequate credit balance on your card so that you can pay the security deposit and any insurance that might be required. Please note also that some car hire firms reserve an additional amount for any accidents that might occur that must also be present on your card.

Please appreciate that acceptance of the card is at the merchant’s discretion.

Transferring the credit balance on your Visa card to your current account is possible only in exceptional cases. If you desire such a transfer, please send us an application indicating the place and date and bearing your signature by fax or as an email attachment (as PDF, TIFF or JPEG).

An entry that has already been authorised can be reversed under the following circumstances:

  • Transaction not authorised/acknowledged by me
  • Wrong amount or wrong currency
  • Double accounting of a transaction
  • Goods or service not received
  • Goods returned or service order cancelled

To reverse the transaction(s) that you had not arranged for, you will require an appropriate form. To obtain one, please contact our Service Team.

To have your prepaid Visa card, your girocard/Maestro card or your Wirecard Bank eBanking functions blocked, please get in touch directly with the free central blocking service on 00800 94732270 and select the appropriate menu item.

In your eBanking function, too, you have the possibility of having your girocard/Maestro card or your eBanking function blocked directly in the menu item “Service & Administration” > “Block”.

Verified by Visa is a security standard developed by Visa which offers additional protection from unauthorised use of your credit card details for online shopping.

First enter your card details when making a payment online. A page containing the details about the payment process, where you can retrieve your password (TAN), will then appear. Enter the password that you received to your specified mobile phone number to confirm the payment.

Contactless payment

When making a contactless payment, just hold your Prepaid Trio Visa card in front of the respective card terminal at a distance of no more than four centimetres. Only the credit card number and the expiry date will be transmitted from the card to the terminal. In a matter of seconds, a signal confirms that your payment has been completed successfully. Incidentally, the employee at the point of sale must first release the card terminal before the payment is made, thereby making it impossible to effect a contactless payment “by mistake”.
The Prepaid Trio Visa card is equipped with the payWave function that makes contactless payment possible. As the card is prepaid, it must have a sufficient credit balance. You can recharge the Prepaid Trio Visa card in e-banking quickly and conveniently by bank transfer.
The payment procedure is simple: just hold your card in front of the card terminal at a distance of no more than four centimetres. The required data are transmitted and the payment is made automatically.
When you use payWave, payments are made more simply, more quickly and more conveniently at points of sale because a signature or PIN number is no longer required to make payments of up to EUR 25.00. You will either receive proof of your contactless payment with a separate receipt or have your payment method shown directly on the sales receipt.
There are now more than 200,000 traders in Europe who are offering the payWave payment function. In Germany, the traders in question have affixed the Visa symbol plus a symbol for contactless payment in their premises and/or at their points of sale.
Yes, because when contactless payments are made with Visa payWave, all amounts upwards of EUR 25.00 must be confirmed with your PIN. If there are multiple debit transactions involving amounts of up to EUR 25.00 (without a PIN) within a short period, a separate PIN check will be made with your security in mind after a specified number of such transactions has occurred. Neither is there any reason to worry that unauthorised persons might create a functioning copy of your card with the help of read-out data. This is because anyone who wants to pay in a retail outlet or withdraw money from a cashpoint must always have the original card at the ready. When making payments on the Internet you will additionally require the three-digit card verification code (CVC) that you will find on the reverse side of your credit card.
In the event of loss, theft and/or fraud, you are protected by the prevailing contractual provisions. If there is any suspicion of misuse or if a paid-for performance was not rendered, you should contact us without undue delay.
It is possible to reverse a payment that was not effected by you. Please get in touch with our service team so that we can initiate the reversal process.
No, its deactivation is impossible on technical grounds.



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